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Legendary Stars Saga (Book 1)
Golden Eyed Legend

Raised in the shantytown of Lower Ember, Jai, an amnesiac, is ready to accept his fate as no more than a mere blacksmith. Wondering if the Heavenly Stars have denied him, he hides his apparent useless powers . . . until his fate takes a turn and he saves a member of an enemy nation. Fleeing for his life, Jai realizes that his purpose is far greater than what he could have ever imagined. However, his purpose has brought a death wish upon him. Now he has two choices: do what he has always done and die, or become the Golden-Eyed Legend.


Dai'Ja S. Rose

Dai'Ja S. Rose is an author and poet native to Virginia. She has a passion for writing fantasy in the young adult space. She strives to tell rich coming of age stories with a cast of diverse, complex characters. Dai'Ja has a BS in Business Risk Management from Virginia Commonwealth University. When she is not writing or reading, she enjoys indulging in mystery thrillers, baking, sewing and working on resin art.


Booktok Praise


"The world building in the Golden Eyed Legend is intricate and intriguing. I found the magic system unique and an immediate draw. Instantly, I was curious about Jai's backstory and wanted to know more. If you're looking for the next epic fantasy read, this is it!"

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