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Golden Eyed Legend: Legendary Stars Saga Book 1

Gifted and Hunted... The Universe Chose Him


Now his choices will either save his people... or destroy them.

Raised in the shantytown of Lower Ember, Jai, an amnesiac, is ready to accept his fate as no more than a mere blacksmith. Wondering if the Heavenly Stars have denied him, he hides his seemingly useless Fireheart powers. . . Until fate takes a turn and he saves a member of Pyroc, an enemy nation whose people can morph into deadly dragons. Fleeing for his life, Jai realizes that his purpose is far greater than what he could have ever imagined. However, his purpose has brought a death wish upon him.

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Silver Eyed Seer:
Legendary Stars Saga Book 2

Spirited and Powerful... The Universe Favored Her

Her true purpose is far greater than what she could ever imagine.

The brilliant apprentice seer Aqila has always understood her destiny, to follow in the footsteps of her mentor to serve as the next Seer. After striking a near immediate friendship with Jai, Aqila is hesitantly on her own journey. That is until her fate violently twists. After receiving a grim vision from the Heavens, she finds herself struggling in the delicate limbo of life and death.
Aqila finds herself powerless in a strange land, in the midst of those who fervently hate all that the Heavens stands for. Teetering on the crossroad of the destiny set by the Stars and the life she dreams, Aqila is left to fight for her life.
Does she have the strength to prevent calamity, or does her path end with her being the last Seer?

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